Face and Body Technology

Stretching Cellulaire

The cells are the source of life and play a significant role on the human body's functions. Within them lie all the codes and information that are essential to our organism. They are the source of metabolism imbalance (cellulite, oedema, algia..) as well as skin aging signs (loosening, wrinkles, stains..) Support by healthcare experts, we carried out Further studies in order to develop the Cellular Stretching® method. For the first time in the beauty and health market, here is a method that deals with the causes and not the consequences.

The principle lies in the natural activation of the body's functions, to train them to remain younger on the long-term and to provide our organism with elements essential for its balance.

The DX Twin

The DXtwin, STARVAC latest innovation, is an essential major asset for face and body care. Its new patented accessories enable an efficient work deeply in the dermis while galvanizing the cellular structure; the skin is protected and the collagen is stimulated.

Thanks to its patented accessories associated with an optimized pulse mode, the DXtwin is the only device that clearly improves the quality of the skin.


The Pulstar system

Consisting in automatic inflation of the accessory depending on the treated member, it is the double physiological pressure gradient. This ensures a perfect adaptability to everyone’s morphology for a more efficient precise work and a completely safe treatment.

The Active Wave

The latest patent registered, it performs an additional pressure to the original pressure (Pulstar) by quick and successive waves. A deeper work is generated while creating a pleasant sensation of lightness.

The DX Smart

The DXsmart, is STARVAC’s latest depressure therapy device dedicated to face and body care. A concentrate of technologies that reunites most of the DXtwin functions in a smaller size.

Dedicated Professional Cosmetics

Throughout the years, we have had the opportunity to observe that using cosmetics during the treatments enhances the results.

Our Research and Innovation laboratory developed a range of professional cosmetics, Made in France, prepared from natural active ingredients matching perfectly all our protocols.


Touch of velvet and burst of citrus fruit, an energizing fragrance.

COMPOSITION : The combination of guarana and horse chestnut promotes a deconsolidation of fat tissue and a reduction of lipid stock. Ivy has powerful agents that firm and smooth skin reducing the orange peel effect.

la neutre MASSANTE

Natural aroma, scent of green fern, travel in a field of freshly cut grass.

COMPOSITION : Sunflower oil combined with vitamin E helps to rebuild the lipid film of the skin and gives it softening and soothing properties. It provides a pleasant gliding sensation and is easy to use.


Exhilarating mint and aromatic fragrances, an invigorating feeling of freshness.

COMPOSITION : Menthol freshness provides an « icing » effect. Combined with camphor, a toning agent, it relieves heavy legs and swollen feet. The use of horse chestnut increases capillary resistance, stimulates venous tone, and facilitates absorption of oedema.


Fresh and aquatic atmosphere presented on a spicy background.

COMPOSITION : Toning and firming, anti-aging, it restores youth to treated skin. Hyaluronic acid has smoothing and anti-aging effects. Ginseng stimulates colagen production and repairs. Horsetail promotes tissue elasticity, firming and remineralization.


Touches of sunshine and fruit, gourmet atmosphere with a trace of pear.

COMPOSITION : Evens skin texture, stimulates cells and restores radiance. Orange extract restores brilliance and clarity. Green tea purifies and activates microcirculation. Lemon extract evens and illuminates.

la lotion RELAXANTE

A flowery path, light and fresh, a calming sensation.

COMPOSITION : Calming and soothing, reduces redness and refreshes the face. Chamomille soothes and relaxes the muscles, aloe vera provides moisture and freshness, orange extract gently soothes and refreshes the skin.


Vegetable influence of fresh grass punctuated by a peppery scent.

COMPOSITION : Argan oil regenerates skin cells. Avocado oil has a moisturizing and restructuring power. Royal jelly stimulates the production of collagen and offers deep nourishment. Marine collagen improves the flexibility and elasticity of the skin.